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A word from Scott...

Dear friends, 

Time flies when you're busy making records. My first record Passing Stranger was recorded in 2005 and it's fair to say it's been quite a life story in all those years since. With five records and counting, 2017 sees me embark on a new wave of material for number six, which is due for release in Spring 2018. The as-yet untitled record will feel more stripped back than any of my previous releases; more akin to me solo live shows of simply voice and guitar. 

Once again, I'm excited to team up with PledgeMusic to offer you all kinds of goodies and exclusives. If you Pledge for any of the items on the website, you will get instant access to a pretty cool part of the site via the 'Access Pass'. With the pass you'll be able to delve into my world of updates and be the first to know the new record's title, see the artwork come together, catch behind the scenes progress via video updates and hear snippets of new songs as they emerge. 

So please feel free to check out what's on offer HERE and remember each pledge comes with a personalised hand-written note (complete with Shedio wax seal) from yours truly! 

I'm excited to be exploring new songs and determined to make this new record stand proud next to my previous work. I truly hope they find a place in your heart. 

Your support, particularly with my own Shedio Records label, has been a real lifeline and your constant words of encouragement are just the fuel I need to keep going on yet another musical venture. Without you guys I really couldn't make this happen, so thank you from the bottom of my Black Country heart!

Peace and love,